Medical service with AI-based recommendations on how to improve health
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Azura is a health service that keeps your medical records, provides personalized tips on how to improve health and predicts the probability of diseases based on your health data and AI
Problems Azura solves
Lack of preventive health therapy
Azura's AI analyze your medical history and sends warning notifications when sees any probability of disease, so you can start its prevention in time
It's unhandy to keep tons of medical records
Azura gives a single and secure way to keep all your medical data and share it with your doctor just in a couple of clicks
It's hard to constantly watch health
Azura automatically watch your health status and provides you with personalized recommendations based on your medical data, science and AI
Be the first to try out the prototype and feedback us
Azura is developing by the team of data scientists under MDs expertise according to the latest medical researches and your feedback about our product is most valued!
Connect your fitness tracker
Connect Google Fit, Apple Watch or other device that tracks your pulse and activity to get full health real-time avatar
Secure your data
Keep your medical records secure and share it only with a doctor you trust
Connect your family
Track your family health and / or share with them your medical state to know each others health status
Get the best care
If Azura sees any disease probability it asks you to visit our medical partners who we can absolutely trust
Insure your health
Our insurance partners give you bonus offers to ensure your health to get the best treatment experience
Mobile your health
Azura has a web and mobile app version to comfort all your needs and provide the best experience
Azura is a participant of Y Combinator Startup School 2019
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